yes to steak

Boadicea restaurant and bar has just opened up this year near where I am staying, so how could I not give it a go?

I got the 8oz rump steak which came with hand-cut fries, a plum tomato and mushrooms. I always get my meat medium-rare, a usual personal preference. The steak was so juicy and full of flavour, I ended up not even using the sauce because I didn’t want to lose the flavour of the steak. The only negative was that the tomato was not cooked properly, and I think it would have been more aesthetic if it was cut into slices of four. Nonetheless, a very tasty meal and one very happy customer 😀

My friend in front of me got the pan fried cod steak, which came with pea puree, caper dressing and hand-cut fries and scraps.



On to my favourite part- DESSERT 😀

For dessert, I got the chocolate brownie which came with marshmallow, peanut butter ice cream and salted caramel popcorn. It was actually a dream, I loved how presentation of the dessert; the melted marshmallow drops, and the brownie all went perfectly together. I didn’t really understand the popcorn, but I guess that is for the aesthetics more than anything. The ice cream was my favourite! It was my first time trying peanut butter ice cream and it definitely will not be my last!




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