sushi craze

I have suddenly become the biggest Japanese food-lover ever, which is kinda strange for me because I used to hate sushi so much before and now I am always looking forward to trying new Japanese foods 😀

There’s a small independent restaurant in my university town called Aburi Japanese and they have the BEST sushi I have ever tried- hands down. It’s not well known in town and they’re not really busy a lot of the time, but me and my friends have made it our official to-go dining place. That is actually a first for us, since I prefer to eat and to try different places, I avoid going to the same place to eat numerous times. Aburi is probably the only exception, I just can’t keep away from them 😀


This time I got their salmon teriyaki bento box, which comes with 2 pieces of salmon sushi, a grilled salmon fillet, salad and tofu. This is my favourite main from Aburi’s menu, I tried to change up my options but I always end up getting the salmon teriyaki, I just love it so much. The bento box came with some miso soup. For my side I got takoyaki this time, which is like octopus dumplings.



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