Nowruz 1396

Nowruz marks the first day of spring and it’s also the first day of the New Year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated differently by many people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Traditionally, in Afghan culture we prepare seven dry fruit/nuts in their syrup, called Haft Mewa which literally translates to ‘seven fruits’. My mum prepared this for Nowruz; it was so yummyyyy



Typically on Nowruz eve families get together and enjoy a traditional Afghan dish called qabeli, a special food of Afghan people which is rice with raisins and carrots. Some people also prepare a biscuit called Kulcha-e-Nowruzi, (in the picture) prepared by yours truly đŸ˜›

We celebrated Nowruz 1396 together as a family on March 21, 2017. May this be a beautiful year with blessings upon blessings.


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