my first blog post

I have tried (and failed) so many times to keep up with a blog, I just keep forgetting to post and end up going months without updating my blog. I just hope this time will be different, hopefully this times a charm (lol).

I just want to say that I am the BIGGEST foodie ever, I love eating out, especially at new places like cute cafes. My favourite probably has to be street food, I love it soooo much, but I always look forward to dessert, you can never say no to dessert.

On Friday this weekend, I travelled to my home city and my favourite city, London. We first made our way to Camden market, to eat of course, can I just say Camden market has the BEST street food ever?! We got Chinese, I got sweet &a sour chicken with rice and my friends got sweet and sour chicken with chow mein, chicken teriyaki with rice. I am so upset I didn’t end up taking much pictures there because the quirky atmosphere is so awesome, I’ll need to take loads of pictures the next time I go.


After going through Camden market (twice, lol) we headed out to Covent Garden. I found this really cute ice cream café on Instagram and I just had to try it out!! The place is called Milk Train Café, I got the strawberry and chocolate mixed-swirl soft serve ice cream on a cloud of cotton candy with chocolate sauce drizzled on it and crushed Oreos and rainbow sprinkles, it was amaze!!



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